An Evening with Dr. Suzuki: Planet in Focus Film Festival 2016

At the launch of the 17th Annual Planet in Focus Film Festival, David Suzuki joined us for the evening to accept his 2016 Planet in Focus Canadian Eco-Hero Award. Dr. Suzuki introduced a film about the David Suzuki Foundation's Blue Dot Movement and spoke to the audience on a range of important Environmental issues - from the re-energizing effects of spending time in nature, to the importance of leaving a better Earth for our grandchildren, to the right we all have to clean air, drinking water and food. 

Many of the issues Dr. Suzuki touched on last night are featured in a number of the fabulous documentary films that are screening from October 20th-23rd at the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival.

Planet in Focus 2016 Schedule 

Photographs by Allan Lissner of

Indigenous Peoples Take Lead at D12 Day of Action in Paris

Paris, France – At 8am, Indigenous Peoples block took to the streets of Paris for an Indigenous Rights action to start the closing day of COP 21, hours before the final agreement was to be presented and a huge mobilization of civil society for a D12 march was to begin.

Representatives from Indigenous nations of Circumpolar, Amazon, South Pacific and North America joined for an early morning sunrise ceremony prayer at the foot of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral, to close the climate negotiations. The ceremony was disrupted by Paris Police who came to the square and begun to remove banners.

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Photography by Allan Lissner/Indigenous Environment Network